main careers{only shooter careers}:namn,mn military. YOUR OWN WAY{FREELANCER}{like gta4 and gta 5}:bountyhunter,assainssan,gangmember,create your own organization, work for other people doing there dirty work ,robbery,and more you can do as a freelancer

secondry careers(sports for men): football,basketball,wrestling,boxing,fightclub,skateboarding,tennis,any type of vehicle racing,rapping/singing

(sports for women):basketball,bolleyball,tennis,womenfightclub,womenboxing,skateboarding,any vehicle type of vehicle racing,women football,singing/rapping

NAMN:all top of authority a top of FBI,POLICE,SWAT,SECURITY,SECRET AGENT

MN military:marine,navy,airforce,coast/postguard you`ll be doing it all at once in this career

now remember L.E is a realtime-openworld game meaning at the very start of the game its not going to be a list saying choose a career. its going to be real you would have to travel to the career you want to have(just like in L.E1).